Renault e.dams have announced a new partnership with leading precision connector and cable designer LEMO.

The announcement, made at the Swiss company's head office in Ecublens, will see the LEMO brand adorn the Renault Z.E.15 from the Buenos Aires ePrix on February 6th.

Alexandre Pesci, LEMO CEO said: "Having known Alain and Nico Prost for some time and wanting to expand our exposure into more motorsport categories, it was only natural for LEMO to choose Renault e.dams as a partner. Given the impact that Formula E has had since its inception, it is a great platform for us to explore new products, materials and cable technology. We look forward to how the partnership may develop in the future."

Alain Prost, co-founder of Renault e.dams said: "Obviously, we'd like to thank LEMO for their support and trust. They are a well-known and respected brand with a passion for motor racing, which made them the perfect choice for us. This partnership will allow us to progress and help us become even more competitive."

Feb. 1, 2016 Driving photo: FIA Formula E

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