Renault prepared a concept of  the autonomous, connected and electric robotic car EZ-Ultimo for Paris Motor Show, which can extend the premium experience of a hotel, resort or aviation flight as an 'individual mobile lounge'.

A car that will be available on request for a ride, an hour or entire day will provide a premium experience in the cabin that can be arranged according to the expectations of the service provider. Since it is a robot vehicle it will be completely autonomously operated and the user will be able to enjoy the journey in a space that will be designed as a private lounge equipped with comfort and services for relaxation or work.

Renault says that the concept will also fulfill their promise of 'Easy Life' as the entry will be facilitated by a wide automatic door, and the seats will turn to the entrance to facilitate the entry of the passengers. The privacy of the passengers will be provided with a mesh on the windows, and comfort in the interior will be arranged by the combination of wood, marble and leather.

Ultimately, the EZ-Ultimo will be fit for the fourth stage autonomous drive and, in conjunction with the surrounding infrastructure, will be able to adapt to the urban environment, motorways or shuttle activities on certain roads.

Oct. 2, 2018 Driving photo: Renault

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