At the Brussels Motor Show, Renault Pro+ is expanding its range, debuting two new electric LCVs, so now Renault's range of electric LCVs includes four vehicles in total: Twizy Cargo, the light commercial Zoe Van and the new Kangoo Van Z.E. and Master Z.E.

Kangoo Z.E. is not entirely new, as his predecessor already gained a favourable reputation during the last six years, becoming top selling LCV in Europe. The new Kangoo Z.E. boasts a longer range thanks to a new Z.E.33 (33KWh) battery - with the old set up it could make about 170 kilometers, now that range has been increased to about 270 kilometers (as per NEDC). Realistically, it can make 200 kilometers when fully charged.

Optimized was also the electronic battery management system, while the new R60 (44kW) motor promises advanced energy efficiency. The car is also equipped with a new-generation 7kW AC charger (32A, single-phase, 230V AC). It now only takes around six hours to fully charge the battery from a 7kW Wall Box, while adding a range of 35 kilometers after just one hour of charging.

Master Z.E. comes with the same battery and a stronger R75 (57kW) motor, enabling the vehicle to reach maximum speeds of 115 kph. As per NEDC, it has a range of 200 kilometers. Using a 7kW charger, the battery can be fully recharged in six hours. Master Z.E. will be available in four versions – three lengths and two heights.

Jan. 17, 2017 Driving photo: Renault

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