EZ-Flex is an interesting attempt to understand the needs of modern business and delivery services

Renault has presented quite a few electric cars in recent years that have met a serial production. After all, yesterday in Shanghai, the French brand had already presented their sixth electric car, City K-ZE, based on the already established Kwid model in Asia. Well, the novelty they presented today is a little closer to Kangoo after its intended destination, which means that it is the easy delivery, which, unlike the predecessor, is made on a brand-new platform.

EZ-Flex is the name of an experimental recruit assigned to transport through city centers. Renault is preparing an answer to the question of the growing need to transport various goods. Number of these might in the next three decades compared to the current situation quadrupled, altering the requirements and needs of the curriers, forcing deliveries in crowded narrow urban centers to be done ias soon as possible.

Renault has therefore incorporated several useful solutions into the concept. The first are its dimensions. At 3,86 meters in length and 1,65 meters in width, it offers as many as three cubic meters of cargo space, with a turning circle of 4,5 meters. In addition, Renault promises good transparency around the vehicle, with particular attention being paid to the interactive info-fun system. The vehicle will collect various data such as vehicle movements, energy consumption, speed, as well as the use of individual cargo loading doors.

EZ-Flex will not yet see the mass production, but it is also not just a prototype. Renault will indeed make a dozen vehicles for various craftsmen throughout Europe and then two years under the scrutiny of their use, based on the collected feedback will then develop a new generation of delivery vehicles for use in city centers.

April 17, 2019 Driving photo: Renault

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