One in five new eletric cars sold in Europe in 2018 were made by Renault.


Renault might not have the most modern fleet of electric cars on the market. While constantly being modernized, their first fully electric car ever to be made (and offered only with electric motor), Zoe is getting quite old as it has been on the market since 2012, whereas Kangoo Z.E. has been on the market even one year longer. However, it looks like the market does not care about that too much.

Even though quite a few manufacturers has recently presented new electric models, that are affordable to general public like Hyundai Kona and second generation Nissan Leaf, Renault is still staying at the top of the game. Recently, they have actually revealed, that they have for the fourth year in a row remained a manufacturer with the most sold electric cars in Europe. In fact, Renault made more than one in five new electric cars sold in Europe in 2018.

What is maybe even more interesting is the fact that sales of Zoe went up by some 26 percent to around 26.000 examples being sold in previous year alone. And while Z.E. on the other hand found only 9.000 customers, it is by far the best-selling commercial vehicle as it has been a choice of around 40% of buyers on this market. And since there is no new competition on the horizon, it might just stay this way in 2019.


Feb. 24, 2019 Driving photo: Renault

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