At least in swedish capital Stockholm, where French car maker decided to open a special store, called Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center, where drivers will be able to come close exclusively to electric cars.

A store will not only sell Renault's electric cars, but will also serve to educate people about new kinds of personal mobility. Visitors will be able to come closer to electric models and possibilities of their personalization, they will also be educated how to purchase electric cars with incentives and also how to charge batteries. They can also test elctric vehicles in real life.

A store, which will be located in one of the biggest Stochlom's shoping centres Täby, will be just the first of many, which Renault in the future plans to open also in other european cities.

"We are responding to emerging customer expectations by opening new urban distribution channels and by harnessing digital tools to deliver a better customer experience," said Zakaria Zeghari, Europe Renault Dealer Network Development Director,and added: "Stockholm was on top of our list because of the fast electric vehicle market expansion in Sweden, and the strong willingness of Swedish government to promote this technology."

Feb. 15, 2018 Driving photo: Renault

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