Farnborough Airport, one of Europe's leading business aviation airports, has received three electric Renault Zoe models, which will be used to shuttle staff and help to reduce the carbon footprint.


Farnborough Airport handles thousands of aircraft movements on an annual basis, and it includes many cars used to shuttle staff, passengers and items. The introduction of electric vehicles will help to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the sustainable relationship to the environment.

Airport management has decided for the Zoe due to its eco-friendliness and relatively low running costs. Miles Thomas, environment manager at the airport, said: "We looked at all the electric vehicles on the market but only the Zoe ticked all our boxes. The car offers low running costs and zero emissions and it's so small, functional, simple and enjoyable to drive and has an impressive range." He added: "The reaction of our staff to the three Zoes has been fantastic and very positive. People are enjoying driving them and we'll definitely be looking to add more EVs to our fleet as a result."

June 5, 2015 Driving photo: Newspress

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