During the summer months, Renault carried out a campaign where they used the electric car Zoe in the role of taxi cabs Z.E. TAXI.

And that was not all. The passengers of Renault's electric taxi cabs were not only taken for a ride by drivers but they could also jump in the driver's seat and try out the Zoes. They could also record a video which they shared via social networks and were informed about electric car specs and details.

The campaign was very successful since 1107 passengers used the electric taxi service over nine days, making a total of 13,014 kilometres. On the distance equivalent to a round-trip ride from Ljubljana to New York, the electric taxi cabs saved at least 1.7 tonne of CO2 emissions. Of course, let us not forget about zero emissions of nitrogen oxides and other gases which are even more harmful to humans and other living beings.

The Zoe's Facebook page recorded a 750% increase in visits, while all other social networks recorded a 500% increase.

Oct. 29, 2015 Driving photo: Renault Nissan Slovenija

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