BMW renewed its range extended electric coupé i8, which will from now on be also available as roadster.

Three year have passed since BMW i8 came to the automotive podium. At the time of introduction it was the first real sposrtcar with hybrid powetrain and untill today it remained on its own. Coupe therefore did not recouve much design changes, which more or less show just in details, such as new exterior colours, wheels and so on.

Back to BMW i8 Roadster. It is not really a roadster but more a cabriolet with fabric roof, which automatically opens and closes in just 16 seconds up to 50 kph. It was produced with the help of 3D printing and because of vertical storage and special folding technique it takes very little space when stored down.

BMW also renewed i8's powertrain, which is now stronger and outputs 275 kilowatts of system power. Both electric and petrol engines got increase in power and the batteries capacity was inceased to 9,4 kWh which is enough for up to 55 kilometers of pure electric drive with sepeeds up to 105 kph. BMW i8 Coupe accelerates in 4,4 seconds to 100 kph and i8 Roadster needs 0,2 seconds more for the same acchievement.

Dec. 1, 2017 Driving photo: BMW

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