Inspired by the Dragon Ball's one-wheeled motorcycle driven by Bulma, Ryno Micro-Cycle runs on electric power with zero emissions and looks like a future form of personal transportation. But you can ride it today.


There have been various attempts at creating a one-wheel motorcycle, including the electric self-balancing one-wheeled motorcycle, but here's one project that made it to production phase and you can park one in your own garage - if you have a little over $5,200 to spare.

Inventor Chris Hoffmann created the first design of the RYNO Micro-Cycle when his then 13-year-old daughter asked him if he could build something similar to what she's seen in a video game. The result of his work is a slick, futuristic looking one-wheel machine with LED headlights that can travel for 15 miles on a full charge (charging time is estimated at 6 hours), reaching maximum speeds of 10 mph, which is also the legal limit for a motorized transportation device. It's capable of carrying up to 260 lbs, meaning you can easily go grocery shopping with it - it will transport your bags with the help of a custom-made RYNO rack. 

RYNO draws power from two slide out replaceable SLA batteries that can be easily changed without the use of any tool. Riders can also opt for Lithium Ion batteries that allow for 1000+ recharge capability. The remaining battery charge, system status, and other useful information can be checked on the simple-to-read, back-lit digital display. Via 12v DC socket the rider can also connect his or her tablet or phone.

The way Ryno Motors describe it, RYNO uses advanced motion-sensor technology to detect even subtle input from its rider, and reacts accordingly. If you lean forward, the bike will accelerate forward. If you lean back, the bike follows suit, standing up taller and slowing down. With practice, the ride is said to become purely instinctive. The rider can sit comfortably in a naturally upright position, different from the position of the rider of a typical street-oriented sport bike, allowing the rider to more quickly and easily pull back and slow the bike down. 

The sleek one-wheel ride is available to pre-order online. For more updates, please check RYNO's Facebook page

Aug. 23, 2016 Driving photo: RYNO Motors via NewAtlas

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