With a bit of a human help autonomus electric car is able to race around the track while burning some serious rubber.

When we think about autonomous vehicles, we tend to imagine a normal sedan, maybe without a steering wheel and with a room for four people, designed to drive you around as smooth and safe as possible. Being a bit rude, people who prefer cars that need drivers might even call them dull. However, this is definitely not the case, when it comes to RoboRace and their recently presented devbot. Let us tell you a bit more.

As the name already suggest, there are some robots and racing involved in the concept. In fact, engineers at RoboRace took a 'standard' electric race car, powered by four electric motors, each producing 135 kilowatts of power and, once it was freed of its bodywork, equipped it with lidars, radars and other sensors, that enable the car to drive on its own. The plan is to develop the car to the level of being able to go on the racetrack and do some fast laps. Eventually, we might even get a racing series, where such robocars are racing one against another.

The car in the video above has a little bit of help though. Roborace did managed to develop a racecar, capable of driving a full lap on its own. It was not a particularly fast lap, but it was a beginning. On the footage, published recently, where car not only drives by itself but also burns some tires, artificial intelligence still has some human help – mind in particular. It would be fun however to see this kind of stunts being done by fully autonomous cars. Not on the road off course.

March 24, 2018 Driving photo: Roborace

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