Opel's birthplace and its center, Russelsheim, will soon become an 'electric city', with around 1,300 charging stations for electric cars setting up by 2020, making it the largest concentration in Europe.

The project, which will be co-sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economy, will run in cooperation between Opel, the city of Rüsselsheim and the University RheinMain. Charging stations will be installed in all urban districts and residential areas, on Opel's land, in the university campus and in the city hospital area and near shopping centers. The project, which is expected to be completed by 2020, will also be subsidised with the amount of 12.8 million euros.

The calculations show that each charging station will supply 72 inhabitants of the Rüsselsheim, making it the city with the highest density of public charging stations, not only in Germany, but throughout the European Union. 400 of them will also be on private land, of which 350 in the Opel's complex, which will also provide 600 parking spaces for public charging stations. If everything goes by plan, Russelsheim will overtake Hamburg, which is currently considered to be the city with the highest density of charging stations. 1.8 million inhabitants are served there by a total of 785 public charging stations.

In cooperation with Opel and the University RheinMein, Rüsselsheim will also become a unique urban electric laboratory in which partners will, on the one hand, test stability of supply and integration of chargers in the electricity grid, and on the other hand will also examine the mobility habits of people. The University will also complement a part of the charging stations with electricity storage systems, which will contribute to better use of energy from renewable sources and reduce the need for an extension of the electricity network.

Dec. 18, 2018 Driving photo: Opel

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