More than half of cars sold in March were equipped with either kind of hybrid drive.


Hybrid and electric cars are getting more and more popular around the world, but if there is any market that is particularly in favor of such cars, there is Norway. For the last year, hybrid cars has actually been more popular among buyers of new car, than either regular diesel or petrol driven cars.

In March, however, another milestone has been set for the sales of hybrid cars. While it has been exactly two years, since they overtook hybrid cars when looking at sales numbers, now they – PHEV and BEV – represent more than half of total sales of new cars. To put it differently, 55 percent of all new cars, sold in March 2018 have been equipped with either diesel or petrol engine. On the other hand, share of diesel cars has dropped to just 16 percent.

In total, 8.034 new hybrid cars has been sold in given time, which is some 72 percent more than a year ago. Among those, the absolute winner is Nissan Leaf with 2.172 cars sold. That is about 335 percent more than last year, although there has been a change of generation. Tesla with Mosel X and Model S, selling 727 and 676 units respectively, took second and third place. Fourth and fifth place were taken by BMW i3 (528 sold cars) and Renault Zoe (347 sold cars).

April 4, 2018 Driving photo: Nissan

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