Transport Scotland and Charge Your Car (CYC) signed a new £750.000 worth contract, which will make possible to electric car users to plug in to improved charging network.

CYC will operate the Charge Place Scotland network of over 550 electric vehicle charge points and it will also provide an upgraded customer service facilities and a robust fault management system. To users it will provide many benefits, like new 24-hour/356-day Chrage Place Scotland customer helpline, enhanced fault management system, dedicated Charge Place Scotland network manager based in Scotland, and enhanced customer communication via new Charge Place Scotland website, Twitter and Facebook.

The Charge Place Scotland is publicly available network of almost 1.100 bays, which equate to almost 550 charging points, and is founded by Transport Scotland. In the year to March 2016 it delivered around 1.220.000 kWh of electricity to customers. It reflects the actions contained within the Switched on Scotland roadmap, which is set to realise the widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles in Scotland.

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands, said: "The Scottish Government has set a clear vision of freeing Scotland's towns, cities and communities from the damaging emissions of fossil-fuelled vehicles by 2050. Our aim is to encourage more individuals and businesses to make the switch to electric vehicles. The Switched on Scotland roadmap recognises the importance of robust and reliable charging infrastructure and 24/7 customer support. This is why we are continuing to invest in growing and operating the network across the country. The network operator has a key role to play in this process and I look forward to working with Charge Your Car to deliver a robust and reliable charging network along with the promotion of electro-mobility in Scotland."

Aug. 12, 2016 Driving photo: CYC

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