Towards the end of this week, Rotterdam will be hosting the 30th Shell Eco-Marathon Europe. An event dedicated to a, somewhat different, competition between environmentally friendly motor vehicles.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe has been established for teams of university students as a practical playground for vehicles with alternative and very economical propulsion solutions. Developed and manufactured by students, of course. The winner must cover the greatest distance with just 1kWh of electric energy or 1 litre of fuel. Teams from over 30 European countries have registered to take part.

Over the past 30 years, Eco-Marathon developed from a peripheral role into a major event. Back in 1985 there were 20 wooden cars with lawnmower engines, today we have more than 3000 participants and 500 teams, supported and cheered by more than 40000 spectators. Competitors are divided into two categories. One is called "Prototype" catering for designs of futuristic looks and features, while the "Urban Concept" category accepts more conventional automobiles, further divided into 7 subcategories, depending on the type and manner of propulsion.

The event is taking place in Rotterdam from the 21st-24th May and promises exciting reliability competition with, equally so exciting , albeit quite unusual, vehicles.

May 21, 2015 Driving photo: Shell

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