First electric bus is going to drive between Saren and Alpnach.

Lying in the middle of Alps and having no industry, Switzerland is without a doubt one of the greenest countries in the world and the one that should stay that way. This is also important when it gets to the question of traffic and public transport. It is thus only a welcome sight to see, that the small country west of Germany is making ways into the world of electric buses.

It was Dutch company VDL, who just recently delivered the very first electric bus to Swiss company PostBus. The bus of choice was VDL Citea SFL-120 Electric, a 12 meters long city bus with three doors and one 180 kWh battery pack and is according to the company perfect for usage within the city and for regional transport routes.

VDL is no new name in the field of electric busses. “With numerous E-Mobility projects in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden and Norway and more than 200  electric buses on the road,  VDL  is  an  experienced  partner  for  the implementation of efficient, emission-free public transport,” says Alex de Jong, business manager public transport for VDL Bus & Coach bv. “We are delighted to have had this opportunity to put our experience to good use for the implementation of electric buses in Switzerland.”

VDL is however not only going to provide to vehicle itself, but also the whole charging system. Thanks to it, the vehicle is going to be slow-charged during the night at the depot in Sarnen and then fast charged on every 15-minute stop at Alpnach Dorf Bahnhof Station, which should provide the bus with enough energy for  the whole day.

Sept. 11, 2018 Driving photo: VDL

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