After it showed the exterior of its electric Vision E vehicle concept a while ago, Škoda now revealed some details of its interior.


It is obvious that the interior of a concept, which Škoda prepared for the Shaghai Motor Show, is very futuristic-looking. Seats have a slightly elevated position to provide better view for the driver and passengers and when the broad doors without the B-pillar open, they also recline for about twenty degrees to provide a more comfortable entrance and exit from the car. When autonomous drive is engaged, the steering wheel moves away from the driver and his as well as passenger's seat move to a more comfortable position.

There is a big central screen at the dashboard but there are also four smaller touchscreens, one for each passenger, to enable them to independently access contents at their wish. There's also place for smartphones that can be charged via induction. During the ride they are connected to the car's entertainment system and passengers can access them via their touchscreens.

Users can also choose between ten different versions of ambiental lighting and, as quite expected from the Czech automotive brand, there is also a large boot available for luggage.

April 6, 2017 Driving photo: Škoda

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