It is going to be shown in Bratislava next to Superb.

The Czech Republic's Škoda is preparing to launch the newly refurbished flagship of the Superb model, which will bring, as a major innovation, a slightly modified front end of the vehicle. The limousine (as expected and also the estate) is expected to be shown as early as 23. of May; at the same time, Škoda will present another important innovation, its first fully electric car, Citigo-e iV, which will take the road next year.

As with the superb, as with Citigo, Škoda is officially only showing a sketch of the vehicle. This has a few days ago appeared on the social network Twitter, however, it is known that in the car shown is not going to be entirely new, since Škoda has set to develp the electric newcomer  on the already eight years old the of the first (and currently only) issue of the vehicle. Thus on the outside the greatest innovation will be a full mask with no slots on the front of the vehicle.

The first all-electric #SKODA vehicle – a #SkodaCitigo – will make its grand entrance on 23 May in Bratislava. 🇸🇰
Watch this space to get all the updates!

— ŠKODA AUTO NEWS (@skodaautonews) 17 May 2019

There are few technical data about the new car on the other hand out there. It is said that Citigo-e iV should offer an electric battery pack with sufficient capacity to provide up to 300 kilometres of autonomy. It is however unknown, whther the reach of 300 kilometres has been made according to the NEDC or WLTP, the more it was supposed to be so well-known on the Thursday premiere, at the event where plug-in hybrid Superb will also be presented and will be held in the Slovak capital of Bratislava.

May 19, 2019 Driving

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