Škoda announced its 2025 strategy, which wil focus on new markets and electric mobility as vital part of brand's future development.

With the sale of more than 1,2 million cars 2017 counts among most successfull years for Škoda, which also expanded its range with Kodiaq and Karoq. Now they published future plans, according to which Škoda will focus on electric mobility and prepare ten electrified cars before 2025.

Already next year we will se Citigo BeV on the roads, which will shortly after be followed by Superb PHEV. Both cars will be produced by Kvasiny factory. At the same time Mlada Boleslav factory will focus on the productin of electric components for Škoda and other VW Group models. In 2020 we can expect premiere of first true electric Škoda Vision E.

March 26, 2018 Driving photo: Škoda

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