After staying in Nanjing for weeks, waiting for weather to allow flight to Hawaii, leg 7 of the round the world flight has finally begun.

Just before 9 PM CEST Andre Borschberg has taken off for a 9,000 kilometers, 6 days and nights of flying across Pacific to Hawaii, by far the longest solar powered flight in history. You can track the flights progress on flight tracking websites using its registration number HB-SIB or flight number solar2.

The wingspan of Solar Impulse 2 is 71.9 m (more than Boeing 747), but the carbon fiber Solar Impulse weighs only 2.3 tons. It has four 13-kilowatt electric engines, 269 m2 of solar cells and lithium-ion batteries with capacity of 164 kWh, about twice of Tesla Model S battery capacity.

May 30, 2015 Driving

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