Racecar manufacturer is going to take full control on development and production of new cars.

Beginning of 2019 has brought us an announcement of a brand new racing series called Extreme E. While the name itself does not reveal much, it is already known, that there is going to be some serous off-roading and electric cars involved. The whole project is a brainchild of Gil de Ferran and Alejandro Agag, who is well known to fans of Formula E.They might even se some technological sollution from existing series to the upcomming one, which will air in 2021.

Now, another important step has been made by the leaders of the upcomming series as the have made an agreement with Spark Racing technologies who is going to engineer, develop and assemble an all-new off-road racecars. Majority of the car is going to be made from already developed parts, however, there is going to be much work needed motor, inverter and basically all of the exterior panels.

TheophileGouzin, Technical Director of Spark Racing Technology, said:“Spark is thrilled to engineer the all-new electric SUV for Extreme E. Our team is privileged to be co-pioneering this new competition focussed on e-mobility. Spark sees Extreme E as forward-thinking and a true engineering challenge -the ultimate proving ground for electric vehicles.”

However, there is not much time left for Spark Racing Technology to present the first prototype. In fact, first tests are already scheduled and are going to take place sometime in July this year. First deliveries of 12 (finished) cars is then going to take place in March 2020 with the teams then having about a year for their own adjustments, testing and other preparations before the series finally starts.

April 23, 2019 Driving photo: Extreme-e

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