If you drive the Rinspeed sQuba concept car by Esoro AG, Switzerland, right into the water, it will not sink. Far from it. It will become an underwater cabrio or, if you like, a submarine with open roof that will make you feel as if you were in a Bond movie!

The Swiss engineering company ESORO was hired by Rinspeed to create sQuba and after six months, the project was ready to hit the streets. And the water.

The sQuba is a zero-emissions electro-sportscar that can swim and dive to depths of up to 10 meters. It's powered by a 37 kW electric engine while driving on the road, but on the surface of the water, it switches to two electric propellers, located in the back. Two electric jet propulsion engines then drive the sQuba into the deep. All the energy needed for amphibian life is provided by LiIon batteries. 

ESORO's all about sustainable mobility, working on conception, implementation and tests of alternative and optimised vehicle concepts and drive systems. They develop electric-powered racing vehicles and various passenger cars suitable for everyday use with electric propulsion system. They also designed and created an efficient IC-engine propulsed vehicle, the TwinTrak plug-in hybrid system and the HyCar fuel cell vehicle. 

March 4, 2017 Driving photo: ESORO AG

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