Two trucks are said to be launched in the next few years, one specifically made for Europe.


There once was a scientist called Nikola Tesla. While not being recognized for the time of his life as a successful man, he is now remembered as one of the inventors of electricity. Even a company called Tesla has taken the inspiration for its name with the famous Serbian. And it is not the only one, given the fact, that there is new kid in town, who wants to get big. His, or better said, its name is: Nikola.

American based company is fairly new in the business compared to established Tesla, but is very focused on making an impact, particularly in the field of electric truck. That is why, they have now announced a release of an entirely new semi-truck, built specifically for Europe. Name? Nikola Tre, which means Three in Norwegian, in language of a country, that is probably most keen on usage of electric vehicles in Europe.

This truck is a real stunner and long overdue for Europe,” said Nikola Motor Company Founder and CEO Trevor Milton. “It will be the first European zero-emission commercial truck to be delivered with redundant braking, redundant steering, redundant 800Vdc batteries and a redundant 120 kW hydrogen fuel cell, all necessary for true level 5 autonomy. Expect our production to begin around the same time as our USA version in 2022-2023.”

So, as mentioned, Tre is not going to get here so soon, but once it arrives, it will offer somewhere between 368 and 735 kilowatts of power and 500-1.200 kilometers of range, easily beating one from Tesla. And while tests are planned to start in 2020, potential customers are going to be able to see the prototype on 16th and 17th April next year at Nikola World in Phoenix, while reservations have already been opened.. We bet it is going to draw quite a bit of attention.

Nov. 7, 2018 Driving photo: Nikola motors

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