These seems to be quite underpowered in the first place.

American electric car manufacturer Tesla managed, only a few days ago, to shock the world in its own style by presenting newest addition in the line-up, the first and quite odd pick-up truck named Cybertruck. Although the presentation did not go as planned, as the managing director Elon Musk managed to break down otherwise – at least according to him – bulletproof glass during the presentation itself. Despite the fact that the car will not be available for another two years, Musk is already working hard to recruit new customers. Also with this video footage on the social Twitter network.

Musk has posted an interesting comparison of novice – for which you can safely assume that it is equipped with at least two electric motors and its direct competitor among pick-ups, the most preferred car in the USA, the Ford F-150. The latter was, however, equipped only with rear-wheel drive (and most probably with only 2,7-litres Ecoboost engine).

So who will win the fight was clear in advance, but with this move, Musk has probably managed to acquire another buyer or two for his car. And there is quite a lot of them out there already. The number of those who paid up a $100 fee has already exceeded 200,000 in the days following the presentation. It should be noted, however, that these are payments that will, if, in the end, individuals do not decide to buy, be obtained in full. It is to be expected that there will be quite a few of them returned

Nov. 28, 2019 Driving photo: Twitter: Elon Musk

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