Angela Merkel seems to be pleased with that.

Some time ago rumours about Tesla preparing to build more of its new factories both in Asia and Europe. And whenever such informations labout Tesla arrive in public, they should be taken seriously. Because, not so long ago, Elon Musk has confirmed, that their next so called Gigafactory will be operating in Far East in China's Shanghai. Now, American enterpreneur has also publically confirmed, that they are also comming to Europe.

What is maybe even more interesting is the fact, that the first  European Gigafactory will be standing in the very heart of European car industry in Germany, where it main competitors like Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are stationed. In fact, Tesla is planning to make two fascilities, an engeneering and design center strategically positioned near Frankfurt's airport and a car factory, that will also build drive trains and batteries. This one is going to be built near Germany's capital city of Berlin.

First car to come out from the new Gigafactory is going to be Tesla Y, probably followed by the others. Nevertheless, Musk seems to be quite confident about his new plan. He has openly said, that Germany is still uproven ground when it comes to e-mobility, despite the fact, that all three premium manufacturers already having at least one fully electric model to offer with others like Volkswagen offering or planning to offer in the near future many more of them.

Nov. 13, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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