This is expected to be Modesl S' last modification prior to arrival of its successor.

American car manufacturer has now crossed an important milestone. Few days ago we have talked about the upcoming Roadster being (supposedly) able to cover over 1.000 kilometers on a single charge. However, while the Roadster is still quite far from production (we can only expect it next year or the year after considering the financial struggles Tesla is facing right now) they have managed to boost up the reach on two other model that are already in production.

Recently, Tesla has revealed an updated versions of their oldest, yet most luxurious cars in their line-up, Model S and Model X SUV for which the main update is extended range. According to Tesla the pair is now going to be able to cross over 500 kilometers on a single charge. In fact, they will be able to reach up to 593 and 521 kilometers respectively and Tesla is supposedly managed to achieve that without any modifications of the battery pack.

Instead, Tesla is saying the whole secret behind the extended range (they have improved it by 10 percent) is hidden within the updated electric motor, electronics, lubrication end other miscellaneous upgrades. In fact, American manufacturer is now claiming that cars do reach efficiency, which is greater than 93 percent whilst also being the cars with the longest range on the market.

Electric motors on the other hand were not the only upgrades on both cars. Suspensions has also been optimized and equipped with fully-adaptive damping making the ride even smother. What is even more important is the upgrade on the fast-charging system. In fact both cars are now capable of achieving 200 kW on V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Superchargers, slashing the time, needed for charging by 50 percent.

May 5, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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