Being built at Gigafactory 1 it should hit the market in 2020.

Tesla is for sure one of the most popular car manufacturers in the field of electric cars, although they are falling behind the trends in car industry. For instance, they now have only one SUV in their line-up, Model X. However, this is soon going to change with the arrival of the long awaited Model X’s smaller brother, Model Y, In fact, the latter should finally see the light of day as early as in the following week.

Arrival of Model Y in the following week has been announced by ‘the man’ himself, Elon Musk, who in his own unique fashion announced its arrival via Twitter. Actually, date of arrival has already been announced last year, when Musk suggested that the car is going to be revealed around Ides of March. Now, the exact date has been set and it is 14th of March.

Although Model Y is going to be an SUV, a smaller brother of Model X, the two are not going to have much in common. For instance, gullwing doors, which at start should also be a part of Model Y, have now been scrapped, probably due to cost of manufacturing them. In fact, Model Y is going to be related to Model 3, albeit 10 percent larger, 10 percent pricier and is going to have less autonomy with the same battery as Model 3.

March 9, 2019 Driving photo: Tesla

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