Tesla Motors agreed to settle in a group lawsuit filed by car owners of the Tesla brand, stating that its Autopilot semiautonomous system is "essentially unusable and proven to be dangerous." Of course, the company also acknowledged that Autopilot has put people in danger.

Settlement conditions are still to be confirmed by US district court Judge Beth Labson Freeman, but if accepted, Tesla Motors will have to pay more than $ 5 million to a settlement fund to pay compensation to customers of Tesla Motors cars. Reuters also reports that plaintiffs will receive only compensation from $ 20 to $ 250 per person, which naturally will not fully settle $ 5,000 which they payed for essentialy useless Autopilot between October 2016 and September 2017 when buying or leasing a car. Tesla Motors did not agree to settlement immediately. Initially they violently denied accusations, but eventually they were forced himself to change their attitude.

Collective action against the American electric car maker involved only American buyers, but on other hand it also brought a certain precedence, which could be followed by Tesla car buyers elsewhere in the world, if they of course decide on similar actions.

Of course, it is also understandable to ask who will answer for the fatalities caused by premature introduction and the use of an untested system that apparently did not work the way it should. The company, at the time of the introduction of Autopilot, claimed that it would also contribute to a 40 percent reduction in road accidents, which was recently also reversed by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, who said that " the probability of an accident with autopilot is just less."

May 27, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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