Even further, there has been more Model 3's sold than any other cars from the list of the best five selling mid-sized sedans.

American car manufacturer Tesla is finally where they wanted to be. After finally reaching production numbers they wanted, they are now achieving great results in terms of sale. As soon as June ended, they have reported record sales numbers, outperforming other brands in the segment of midsize sedans.

Now, official numbers are here and what Tesla was claiming is certainly true. According to statistical company AID, Silicon Valley-based company has actually managed to sell 13.000 cars in a singled month of June. That is more than three times more than Mercedes-Benz, which managed to sell only 3.800 cars of their C-class, yet is the second best-selling midsized car in the United states. To be fair, Tesla already outperformed C-class back in April. However, up until July margin was fairly small.

Furthermore, it seems, that American buyers are more and more growing on the idea of replacing their ‘regular’ midsized sedan for Tesla. Looking the chart of sales, among the five best selling cars of this class, Tesla Model 3 has been the only one, recording growth in sale, while the rest of the companies – apart from Lexus – has recorded a significant loss.

Aug. 6, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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