According to the news released by Tesla Motors, the company is recalling 90,000 Tesla S sedans to check for a possible defect in the front seat belt.

The vehicles are being recalled worldwide. Most of the vehicles with potential defect are said to be based in the United States, but there are also a few in Europe as well as Asia.

Earlier in November there was a case of someone in the front passenger seat of Tesla S sedan, who reportedly turned to talk with passengers sitting in the back, when suddenly the seatbelt assembly broke.

Tesla Motors representative said on Friday that so far there have been no accidents in any way connected to the reported seat belt issue. Despite that, Tesla S owners have been invited to take their cars to a Tesla service center (there are about 125 available worldwide), to officially check the potentially faulty bolt of the seat belt mechanism. According to the company, Tesla investigation failed to discover any root cause, so they plan to investigate every single vehicle.

Tesla S owners can check their safety belts themselves by making a strong pull (in sitting position, the pull should be made from the lower right lumbar area of the body upwards). In any case, paying a visit to Tesla service center is strongly advised.

Nov. 24, 2015 Driving photo: Tesla Motors

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