Unofficial reason for this move is shortage of mentioned material at Tesla's supplier.

It looks like, that no week passes by without some sort of news about Tesla's Model 3 and its production problems. Just when the things were looking a bit better – production was slowly starting to grow (even thou it is still below expectations) – another hit came and left a mark on what should be a milestone on a brands path to become a truly major player in the world of mass produced electric cars. So what is the latest problem, regarding production of Model 3.

From the beginning, Tesla was producing proper high end luxury electric automobiles. So while Model 3 is their entry level car, with only Premium trim available so far (base trim will follow somewhere in the future), customers were expecting to get a certain amount of comfort and luxury. And even thou it was not specified in trim description, first cars were equipped with alcantara headlining, definitely improving the looks of the interior.

Customers waiting for official explanation

Recently however, company decided to – without any further notice to their clients, who already placed their orders – remove alcantara from headlining and replace it with ordinary and much cheaper textile fabric. So far, there has not been any official explanation on why Tesla decided to make this switch, although it is believed that the reason is shortage of mentioned material at the supplier so sticking with it would only bring more delays in production of Model 3.

The question now is, will future premium trimmed Model 3's gets alcantara headlining (and if so, will Tesla take care of owners, who now got textile headlining by either offering the partial refund or retrofitting it), or will Model 3 now only be available with a regular textile trim for the same price as before?

Jure Šujica
Photo: Tesla

Jan. 11, 2018 Driving photo: Tesla

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