On October 5, Toyota reached an important milestone. In its French factory at Valenciennes Toyota built its 200,000th hybrid Yaris.

The milestone Toyota Yaris Hybrid, a Pure White High grade, with the festive serial number and a rich additional equipment package, will be driven by a French customer - which is no coincidence. France remains Toyota's largest destination market, selling approximately 20% of all Yaris hybrids, folowed by Italy and the UK, each with a 16% portion of the total hybrid sales. 

From the Valenciennes factory there are 300 Toyota Yaris Hybrids produced every day, representing almost 40% the entire Toyota Yaris production line. Last year, Toyota sold 181,105 Yaris vehicles in Europe with 58,530 of them being the hybrid versions.

Oct. 18, 2015 Driving photo: Toyota

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