The British car sharing club Co-wheels added 20 electric Renault Zoe city cars to their fleet and expanded their network to more than 50 locations all over Great Britain.

The biggest British car sharing club expanded its network this year mostly to Scottish cities of Aberdeen, Dumfries and Dundee. The club that has low emission, hybrid and electric cars in its fleet, plans an expansion, in which the role of the small electric car will be played by none other than the Renault Zoe.

They opted for the Zoe on account of its enticing price and ease of use. They find that their members, who have never driven an electric car before, easily get accustomed to it. Their members can rent the Zoe for a mere 3,75 British pound per hour or 2,50 pound for 24 hours. Because they want to encourage their members to use electric cars, they do not charge the Zoe for mileage, which makes the Zoe the most affordable member of their fleet.

The CEO of Co-wheels Pierre Fox says they have gotten excellent feedback on the Renault Zoe. Their members like how easy it is to use above all. The Zoe is also suitable for Co-wheels, because they try to act as a social enterprise that wishes to improve our society and contribute in protecting the environment.

Oct. 31, 2015 Driving photo: Renault

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