Daimler slowly begins with the introduction of the new S-Class, coming later this fall. For starters, we've been given a sneak peak at the dashboard and driving assistance systems, including systems for intelligent drive. 


According to Daimler, the enhanced camera and radar systems will ensure an even better view of the traffic situation around the car, hence they intend to expand the area of autonomous driving, available to the driver on more or less all types of roads. The driver will be able to see immediately, which assistance functions have been selected, and to which situations the systems are reacting at present.

The active cruise control Active Distance Assist Distronic will be able to adjust and reduce speed automatically, depending on current traffic situation and according to the route ahead of bends, junctions, roundabouts or toll booths. Where it is allowed - meaning on highways and motorways - Active Distance Assist Distronic will work within a speed range from 0 to 210 km/h.

When the driver wishes to change lanes on multi-lane roads, Active Lane Change Assist will only need to activate the indicator and the car will change the lane on its own, travelling at speeds of 80 to up to 180 km/h. Sistem Active Speed Limit Assist will adapt the drive according to speed limitations, all while recognising sign gantries and road works signs. The car will be able to cruise autonomously even when the road is crowded and will be supported by many other assistance systems that are already familiar to us. 

April 12, 2017 Driving photo: Daimler

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