Peugeot will present the new generation of its small urban car Peugeot 208 in the Geneva Motor Show, which will become more environmentally friendly, as it will also be available in the fully electric version e-208.

Design wise the newcomer deviates considerably from the previous Peugeot 208, in particular with the sculpted curves and the long bonnet, with a distinctive front part with a large chrome-plated mask, characteristic led lights and the iconic Peugeot Lion.

All versions have a new 3D i-Cockpit with a compact multifunction steering wheel, adjustable projection screen, 7- or 10-inch touchscreen and 'piano' switches. The driver can get driving data from a 3D instrument panel or a hologram, and there is also a comprehensive infotainment system with the ability to connect to smartphones. Peugeot 208 also received a large set of driver assistance systems.

The electric Peugeot e-208 will have a 100 kW electric motor and a 50 kWh battery that will be sufficient for an electric range of up to 340 kilometers in accordance with the WLTP cycle and will be stored under the passenger compartment floor so as not to interfere too much in the passenger space and luggage compartment.

There will be three driving modes: Eco for optimized reach, Normal for optimized comfort and Sport for dynamic driving. Charging will take 20 hours from a household socket, about eight hours on a dedicated charger, and about half an hour to 80% capacity at a 100 kW rapid charger. It is also worth mentioning that the heat pump will be provided for the heating of the cabin. At Peugeot, they have also prepared a range of services and applications that will make it easier for the driver to plan driving and its economy, as well as stops for recharging batteries.

There will also be three 1.2 l petrol engines and one 1,5 l turbo diesel engine. They will all meet the Euro6d environmental standard.

Feb. 25, 2019 Driving photo: Peugeot

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