When the car paparazzi caught it on its test drive, Tesla's first electric sporty SUV was heavily camouflaged, but still we could see some pretty sporty aerodynamic lines, and some special features of the coupé body, like the wing rear doors.


Supposedly, the latter will also be available for the serial model. The test car photos also show a trailer hitch setting, which will make the Tesla X the first electric car that will, despite the drive complexity, enable trailer towing, and other accessories can be attached to the rear, according to the active lifestyle of the driver. Although the grand central display remains, the passenger compartment, for seven passengers, could be more user-friendly than the Tesla S sedan edition, and the two slightly weaker electric motors that originate from the four-wheel S 85D sedan will provide the drive.

May 18, 2015 Driving photo: Automedia

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