Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe in association with a non-profit organization called ThinkYoung recently conducted a "ThinkGoodMobility" research among the Millennials (young people, who were born at the break of the century) to establish which will be future mobility challenges for young people. The results show the Millennials want a more efficient and more eco-friendly future, but not without cars – of course, providing they are in tune with the green philosophy.

Goodyear's research was prompted by the fact that developments in transport and mobility are essential in keeping up with the rapidly changing needs of the global population. "ThinkGoodMobility" gave voice to those young adults, who will be responsible for shaping the world after the year 2025. They surveyed more than 2500 university students (aged 18-30), studying science, technology, engineering, art and design, and maths from 12 countries.

Young people desire an environmentally friendly future and they believe that, while being faced with an ever-expanding population and a resulting increase in road transport, building sustainable cars with a focus on environmentally friendly technology is key.

According to survey results, almost half (49%) of young people believe fuel-efficient vehicles should be one of the primary areas of focus, which much more than the 27% of those who see investment in public transport systems as a high priority. The report shows young Europeans definitely expect improvements in overall sustainability of transport systems, but they "don't want the freedom of choice and movement they enjoy now to be restricted in the future." Moreover, 85% of respondents believe they will own a car in 10 years.

When asked what regulations were crucial for transportation for 2025, the results show the most popular response was CO2 emission standards (44.6%), followed by incentives for public transport use (34.2%). 35.7% also saw incentives for fuel efficient vehicles as crucial.

Jean-Pierre Jeusette, general director at the Goodyear Innovation Center in Luxembourg commented: ""Environmental pressures will inevitably build up as we approach 2025, and young people will look to the automotive and tire industry to lead the way in looking for solutions to the emission challenge." He added that "while they look to the wider industry for leadership, they are also acutely aware of the need for government intervention in the form of incentives and regulation. This will enable swifter progress and take up of more fuel efficient cars and tires."

July 30, 2015 Driving photo: Goodyear

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