full reveal to follow in 45 days.

Lotus car brand is preparing for a big moment. Not only that they are soon going to present an entirely new car, the first in years, they are actually going to introduce, it is also going to be their first fully electric hypercar. So far, it is known as a Type 130 an it has been for the first time introduced earlier in April at the Shanghai car show.

Well, not really the production version but merely a concept. And mind you, the name Type 130 is not only a name for itself. Lotus’ intention was to point out, that this is their 130th different car/model, made in their 71 years of existence. In addition, they will only make 130 examples and now, they have started their promotional campaign, a month and a half before the official reveal.

Apart from recognizable ‘LOTUS’ sign on the back with a pair of lights on each side and a plaque “Hand Built In Britain By Lotus” being installed next to the charging port, which is  located under the mentioned lights. Nevertheless, we do have some numbers to talk about. The car is supposedly going to be long the same as Evora – 4350 millimeters – and will offer around 400 kilometers of reach. The rest? We will have to wait.

June 1, 2019 Driving photo: Lotus

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