Booth companies are already testing a sollution that will in the same way show if the car is either acceleration or braking.

Forget the regular turn signals. They might function quite well for today’s standards, but this should not be sufficient in the era of autonomous cars, at least according to Jaguar-Land Rover group. British companies are quite active in the field of self-driving cars and are constantly presenting solution to make cars of the future safer.

Their latest solution is, as mentioned above, trying to supplement ordinary turn signals on at autonomous cars. Instead, they have prepared more complicate system of beams. Their role is to project a formation of horizontal lines on driving surface. Here is the key: Lines get further apart from one another when the car is accelerating and then get closer and closer once it starts braking. Even more, they start pointing to the left or to the right if the vehicle is preparing to urn in either direction. This solution should be a welcome sight to see for pedestrians with fear of autonomous vehicle.

First test have already commenced on a fabricated street scene at a Coventry facility with a help of autonomous pods developed by Aurrigo. Technology is being tested along with so-called virtual eyes we talked about last month.

Pete Bennett, Future Mobility Research Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “The trials are about understanding how much information a self-driving vehicle should share with a pedestrian to gain their trust. Just like any new technology, humans have to learn to trust it, and when it comes to autonomous vehicles, pedestrians must have confidence they can cross the road safely. This pioneering research is forming the basis of ongoing development into how self-driving cars will interact with people in the future.”

Jan. 24, 2019 Driving photo: Newspress

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