These are the places where you will be penalized most harshly in the EU for not respecting the limits of car emissions


In the worst case scenario, penalties may exceed thousands of euros.


So-called eco-labels used by the authorities to indicate the purity of motor cars or exhausts have been in use for several years now. You have probably noticed them on cars with German registrations, but similar solutions are used, for example, in Denmark, the UK, Belgium and elsewhere. Their use is mandatory in some countries for all vehicles, including those with foreign registration marks, and the penalties for offenders may exceed thousands of euros. However, such labels may relate to both passenger cars and buses, goods vehicles and even motorcycles.

The maximum penalties may be given in Denmark, specifically in Copenhagen and Aalborg. That is where the penalty for commercial vehicles or trucks entering the city without registration at the authorities is EUR 2,700. This is, of course, quite understandable in the context of the fact that Denmark is one of the countries that are most actively involved in supporting the withdrawal of the traffic in the cities centers, and at the same time the use of the bicycle. In addition, vehicles must meet at least Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards.

Moreover, the penalties of over EUR 2,000 are by no means unusual in the rest of the European countries. Depending on which type of vehicle and which type of Euro-norm the vehicle reaches in Austria penalties ranges from 90 to EUR 2,180. These are, however, limited to the regions of Vienna, Styria and Tyrol. Between EUR 340 and EUR 2.250 will be paid for the abovementioned offence in Rotterdam and in Maasvlakte.

The ten cities where penalties for non-compliance in areas with increased monitoring of vehicle emissions are completed by two London areas, the so-called low emission zone (LEZ) and ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ), Antwerp and Brussels. In the first two areas, the penalty is between EUR 290 and EUR 1.160, and in a pair of Belgian towns it is 350 to 650.

Moreover, the cities mentioned above, or countries, are not the only ones where these restrictions and penalties have already been imposed. In fact, according to the German organization of Green Zone, there are already 11 such countries: in addition to Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium, they are even more in France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, the Czech republic, Finland, and Sweden. At the same time, this organization already provides access to the list of areas on its website. If so, you decide to visit any of the sites in these countries, we strongly recommend a visit to the web site of the aforementioned organizations where you will be able, depending on the state, since the data for some of them are still in development– to find out all the necessary information about any restrictions and to avoid any penalties.


Aug. 12, 2019 Driving photo: Profimedia

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