After numerous hybrids and Plug-ins, first Volvo's EV is finally here, continuing Volvo's plan towards electric future.

Volvo is one of the most loudestl initiators of electric or electrified cars, at least in Europe. It is interesting, however, that the Swedes have not yet had a proper electric car in their offerings at the very least, and they intend to change that very soon with one of the newest models in the catalogue, the XC40. In fact it will be revealed in two weeks ' time, and from the classic performance, it will, as it seems, be slightly different.

Comparing to ICE-driven XC40 it will most likely only have different rear and front headlamps, new 19 - and 20-inch rims, thanks to the absence of an exhaust pipe and it will get a slightly modified lower part of the rear bumper. The car will also have some more luggage space, Since instead of the engine bay compartment, there will now be 'frunk'.

Details of the electric motors and battery packs in Volvo are not yet discussed, but it is expected that the whole drivetrain is to be derived from the incoming 'brother', Polestar 2. If that happens, there will be a battery pack with a capacity of 78 kilowatt hours under the bodywork, and the car should produce about 300 kilowatts of power. It is particularly interesting to note the  range, since in this case, it is intended to provide up to 500 kilometres of autonomy with a single charge.

Particular attention was once again focused on the safety of passengers and other road users. In terms of passive safety of the car, namely to get the additional reinforcement of the careven aspecial cage was used that will protect battery pack as well as to lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle and thus to a better position on the road. In the field of active safety, the new system of the ADAS brought a further range of assistance technologies, and this would constitute a step forward in the field of autonomous driving, where the Volvu very positive.

Volvo had already announced the electric performance of the XC40 a little before the presentation of a regular productionvehicle with Concept 40.1. Even then, Volvo announced that a serial car would also be able to power electricity. Besides, the first fully electric Volvo is the second electrified XC40. The Volvo is already offering a hybrid performance marked T5 Twin Engine, both of which will undoubtedly contribute to the objective of equipping each other Volvo with an electrified drive train by 2025.

Oct. 2, 2019 Driving photo: Volvo

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