It is also going to be one of the most eco-freindly cars - even among electric rivals

Fisker, one of american pioneers in e-mobility is on a good path to revival after fiasco with its sports sedan called Karma, which hit the market a better part of a decade ago. And what better way to make it with an SUV. After revealing another sports sedan, Fisker is preparing to reveal a car, that will without any doubt bring more interest, once it hits the market sometime in 2020. After all, the date of reveal is fourth of January 2020.

Nevertheless, Fisker has already published few pictures and more or less all the important facts about its technical specifications and even its name. Fisker Ocean will thus be a 4,64 meters long SUV, exclusivly powered by electricity. It will be, thanks to some quite clever sollutions one of the most inovatiove cars, even among electric rivals. Let us check on some facts on why this is true.

First of all, Fisker has decided to equipp Ocean – like mentioned Karma – with a roof, that is entirely covered with solar pannels; in total, this alone should bring aditional 1.600 kilometers of electricity per year alone. But there is more: interior is, as Fisker has pointed out, 100 percent vegan friendly using only man-made materials. Furthermore, seat covers and other textile is going to be made from things like used t-shirts, recycled bottles etc., bringing less stress to the enviroment. Even rubber parts are going to be recycled from recycled rubber.

“The Fisker Ocean features dramatic sculpture – with a wide stance and a luxurious SUV silhouette. I wanted to combine maximum usability with an unprecedented driving experience. The interior is spacious and extremely modern, bringing a luxury feel and timelessness that has never been seen in a vehicle before. The future of mobility is about enjoying an electric vehicle without hassle, long-term commitment and the prohibitive high cost of ownership. Driving the Fisker Ocean will be easy: through a flexible lease via a mobile app. And we take care of all the service and maintenance. Simply put, we’re introducing the future of hassle-free, fun and easy e-mobility,” said Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc.

There is a reason for Fisker to reveal all the data about the car so long before being officially presented. After all, an entirely new SUV, capable of making some 500 kilometers on a single charge (thanks to 80 kWh battery pack) will be offered to its first customers later this month on 27. og november, when Fisker is going to present a new mobile phone app, through which initial reservation is going to be possible.

Nov. 1, 2019 Driving photo: Fisker

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