This particular chasis has been tested six times.

Recently, a Croatian manufacturer of electric SuperSport cars, Rimac, announced or rather revealed the stage of development of its second model, which will soon be on the road, Concept Two. As part of the development to meet the type-approval requirements, there are also test collisions needed to be done and no savings have been made in this area for Rimac either. They've prepared 30 prototypes to be tested, some of which are even meant to be crashed several times.

Engineers at Rimac stressed out that this is an extremely difficult process, especially because they wanted to achieve the best possible result, which is why the whole development process takes about three to four years. And if at first they only test individual components, eventually they Start connecting them into larger and larger assemblies, and then finally they test the whole car. Several times.

As explained in the video, the same shell was used five times for the first round of testing, which proved to be extremely robust, which is why it was later used to test the roof's strength, which was not planned at all. But the testing isn't over. This is because development is continuing, and the last collision of prototypes, which are supposed to be identical to serial vehicles, is expected to be followed shortly.

Sept. 27, 2019 Driving photo: Youtube: RimacAutomobili

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