It begings where 'juice' goes: at the battery pack.

Volkswagen ID.3 has now started conquering European car markets and begun showing itself to customers, who will now be able to get to know all the possibilities and advantages of those first hand. And when it comes to being perfectly suited to a customer, ID.3 is one of those cars, that really shines out because of all the possibilites it offers. One of them is also the battery pack. So what is the secret behind it?

In fact, at the very basis, there is no secret behind it. Well at least when it comes to the question about the principle of work. Like most electric cars an modern apliances it uses a lithium-ion batteries. Volkswagen then consolidates 24 battery cells – basic components of any battery packs – into a battery system. Those systems can then connected into battery packs of wanted shapes and sizes. For ID.3, there are 12 such modules in the core of the car.

To put it in another way: the secret hides in building the pack inside the car. Volkswagen has, for the purpose of electric cars developed a new platform called MEB. It will be adapted to every car being developed with the battery pack actually being in the center of attention.Every car will ths have a specific battery pack and then the whole undercarrige built around it.

Dec. 9, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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