Norway is one of the countries with the highest rate of electric and hybrid vehicles. No wonder then that Opel chose this Scandinavian country as the place where they kick off the sales start of the revolutionary Opel Ampera-e

Since the production of the European version of Chevrolet Bolt will be pretty limited in the first months, Opel for now focuses on countries with the most developed EV infrastructure in place and/or those that have shown the greatest ambition to introduce the alternative, electrically-powered vehicles into their streets.

Norway, soon having 100,000 BEVs on the road, definitely leads the way and was hence chosen as the first market to see the launch of Ampera-e. As reported by Opel, Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland are the next in line to get Opel's EV. Other European countries are to follow in late 2017 or during 2018 as production volume of Ampera-e grows.

According to Opel, they intend to be flexible when it comes to who is next in line to start selling Ampera-e. Should some country show great ambition and faster progress in introducing electric vehicles on their roads (with initiatives such as Norway's successful policies including no purchase taxes on EVs, exemption from VAT on purchase and leasing, low annual road tax, no charges on toll roads and ferries, free municipal parking, etc), it will definitely also move up in line on Opel's list.  

Dec. 14, 2016 Driving photo: GM

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