The 'TRi-Gen' powerplant with capacity of 1 megawatt in the port of Long Beach in California will not produce just electricity, but also water and hydrogen from bio waste. There will also be one of the biggest hydrogen fuel station in the world.

The hydrigen fueling station will primarly serve to vehicles operating in the port area, which include not only FCEV personal car Toyota Mirai but also heavy duty truck, which operates as part of the 'Project Portal' project to test hydrogen trucks in real environment. The heavy duty 36-tonn FCEV truck operates in port from october and in this time it already gathered more than 6.400 test kilometers. Its electric motors develop 670 HP of power and 1.800 NM of torque and take power from combination of two Toyota Mirai fuell cell stacks and 12 kWh battery. With full hydrogen tanks it can reach up to 320 kilometers.

The 'Tri-Gen' powerplant with the beginning in 2020 will be able to produce approximatelly 2,35 Megawatt of electricity and 1,2 tons of hydrogen each day, which should be enough for daily needs of 2.350 homes and almost 1.500 vehicles.

Dec. 23, 2017 Driving photo: Toyota

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