Toyota Mirai became the fastest fuel-cell vehicle (FCV). It only took 2:03.040 minutes for the German Rally driver Isolde Holderied to  pass the finish line of the 3.617 kilometers long Sachsenring racing circuit.

Toyota Mirai's record driving was seen during the "Record Day", organized by Michelin and the German automotive magazine Auto Bild Sportscars at the Sachsenring. Mirai triumphed over twenty other contestants. While not all of them managed to complete the tasks, Toyota Mirai performed without any difficulties and with zero emissions - namely, the only side-product of creating energy for the 154 hp electric motor is water. 

After breaking the record, Isolde Holderied stated for the press: "People do not necessarily associate eco-friendly technologies with sports. With Toyota Mirai I have proven them wrong. Driving Mirai on the racing circuit was a very special experience and I am very happy to be the one that set the first record for a racing fuel-cell powered vehicle."

June 13, 2016 Driving photo: Toyota

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