As a reward, lucky owner from Poland was being granted a fuel card gift for a year.


One million. A number, that represents a milestone, especially when talking about sales numbers. A car, that has been sold in one million examples (that is in about a decade or less) certainly is successful. Toyota however achieved a milestone, which on the first glance does not appear as a big deal. Today, the have marked the two-millionth sold vehicle in Europe after arriving on the market in the year 2000. Oh, by the way, we are talking about hybrid cars-only.

When arriving on European market, were not very keen on alternative fuels. Even in 2011 only one in ten Europeans have decided to buy hybrid Toyota. Today, 47 percent of all Japan-based company’s new cars being sold in Europe are equipped with hybrid drive. The brand offers eight hybrid models, including CH-R, a car (painted in black and blue color combination), that has been sold to unsuspecting buyer in Poland, Magdalena Sobolewska-Bereza.

“I used to drive a conventional car of another brand, but I think a hybrid is a great choice. I was attracted to the Toyota C-HR because of its uniqueness, low emissions, modern design, comfortable drive and the boot that is spacious (enough for my two dogs). The fact it is a low emissions car is particularly important to me as I’m a biologist. Biodiversity is my passion – I care about it and I want to help saving it for future generations. I believe hybrids are the future of mobility, especially in cities,” said Sobolewska-Bereza.

Toyota hybrid sales numbers in Europe are on the other hand only a (smaller) part of the sale of hybrid cars, made by Toyota. After presenting the first hybrid Prius way back in 1997, Japan-based car manufacturer has sold over 12 million hybrid cars worldwide. Plans for the future are thus quite optimistic. By the year 2030, at least one million cars being sold each year are planned to be zero-emission vehicles.

Sept. 18, 2018 Driving photo: Toyota

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