Renault is continuing to fill its electric lineup

This year has only just begun, but we are already witnessing a number of new cars with Renault badge. Interestingly, at least until now, most of them have shared one feature, and that is electrification. Renault also presented, as we mentioned in the title, an electrical version of its city car, Twingo Z.E..
Renault Twingo, along with Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo and Master, is already becoming the fifth model of the French brand in Europe to be electrified. The knowledge Renault gathered so far has, of course, also contributed to its creation, since it shares a large part of the drive train with the rest of the brand's models, and some of them are reserved entirely for it.
One of these is, without a doubt, a battery pack. This may offer only 22 kilowatt hours of electricity, but the size of the car itself will do the trick. 250 kilometres is expected to be the upper limit of the range for the WLTP-standard urban driving, while the range will nevertheless be slightly smaller at the mixed cycle and will be 180 kilometres. The assembly will be equipped with a 60 kilowatt electric motor, but it will be somewhat deprived of the charge itself, since the Z. E. Twing will only be able to be charged on a conventional, 22-kilowatt charger.
If we put a new Twigo Z. E. next to a classic, updated version, the body changes will be hard to spot. Contrary to trends in cars of this kind, Renault decided to keep a classic front mask and not, let us say, replace it with a white plate; also, there is still an air vent for the engine compartment. That way, the only thing that really reveals its lineage is a Z. E. badge on the luggage door and some Z. E. inscriptions on the rest of the cabin.
We can expect new Twingo on the roads before the summer, but that is not yet confirmed. The price is much more definitive, which will amount to around EUR 22 000 in France with the subsidy taken into account, which is still much more than, say, the traditional Twingo. How the buyers will sew it up is unknown.

Feb. 24, 2020 Driving photo: Renault

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