The London Hydrogen Network Expansion project (LHNE) has broken two new distance records for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Together with the partners, the LHNE project has broken the record for the longest journey in the UK on a single tank of hydrogen. They didn't only manage to travel 644 kilometers (400 miles), but they have also broken the longest continuous journey for an FCEV: over the course of six days they travellied a total of 9.811 kilometers (6,096 miles).

A Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell car was used to break the record as part of the LHNE partners' contribution to "Hydrogen Week" (taking place March 11-18) – an event, designed to raise awareness of the numerous benefits offered by environmentally-friendly FCEVs.

The LHNE project, a government-backed initiative co-funded by Innovate UK, was set up in 2012 to create the UK's first hydrogen-powered transport system across London and the South East. It strives to help accelerate the adoption of energy systems using hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The biggest challenge they are facing now is how to set up enough refuelling stations to support these vehicles, as they are pretty limited at the moment. Currently, there are only four publicly-accessible stations in the UK, however plans are to build at least 12 more in England and Scotland within the next 12 months.

March 22, 2016 Driving photo: LHNE

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